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By surrounding ourselves with highly-qualified trainers, we have developed a centre reserved for, and dedicated to, food professionals.

Our trainers, who already run numerous training sessions in prestigious gastronomy and fine pastry establishments in "Europe, Asia, the Middle East..." will be delighted to share their expertise with you during specialist, targeted training courses.

Skilfully marrying advice and training, our consultants will give you the benefit of technical advice, with demonstration lessons, and new product research and development. 

Through our expertise we have been able to gain the confidence of numerous clients around the world.


Under the leadership of a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, you will receive the knowledge and skills that meet your own particular requirements.


                     A.   at your own establishment

    Our consultants travel around the world; to request their assistance is to benefit from their experience. By skilfully marrying advice and training, our trainers will offer a fully personalised programme and will reveal their production secrets.  


                B.  Intercompany - PARIS opens its doors. 

In our specially laid-out premises, you can join our group sessions of between 8 and 12 trainees.  (See our schedule)


Our international training sessions are run by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, covering:

Mastering basic pastry-making preparations:          

Pastrie; creams, coulis, etc                                                      Refresh your knowledge about products and their uses. Energise and diversify techniques. New recipe design.

Design and enhance creative pastries.
Work on presentation originality.
Improved speed of execution.



Techniques for producing the different varieties of French bread. All bread varieties from the famous baguette to regional, traditional,    sourdough and aromatic breads.
Organic production.
Acquisition of Viennese pastry speciality techniques (croissants, turnovers, etc.).
Mastery of techniques, optimum utilisation of equipment.
Work organisation and time management.






From beginner to advanced.
Equipment required to work with chocolate; moulds, etc.
Discovering Chocolate, raw material and fine tuning.
Master the various practices.
Christmas, Easter moulds...decoration, assembly, interiors, ganache...
Horn moulds, tempering, moulding and demoulding with various coatings
Master the complementary techniques (marbling, velvet, ribbon, colour,……..)





Technology, study of raw materials                                                        Ice creams                                                                                              Sorbet                                                                                                    Parfaits                                                                                              Unwhipped desserts





Fruit jellies


Besides technical training, we offer our services internationally in the fields of MANAGEMENT and COMMUNICATION.

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